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Has My Current Vendor Helped Me?

Have you ever thought that “has my current or previous vendors helped me in saving paper or time or money or energy”. If no, it’s time to think now because we have yet not realised how much resources we have had been wasting till date. If yes, too good. So have you started searching for the new vendor? If no, then do not delay because the cost meter is still on. If yes, too good and surely it is a MPS vendor because as we all know only MPS can provide the benefits of cost cutting and savings of all the resources.

Those who all are looking for a new vendor then you should have the following questions answered in your checklist.

  1. Is he giving a strategy that shall give the sustainable tangible benefits?
  2. Will he be taking entire stock of the output?
  3. Is he giving an extensive strategy for  the output?
  4. We he be able to help me reduce the devices used in the company?
  5. We he be able to automate the fulfillment of the consumables?
  6. Will he handle the whole output continuously and proactively?
  7. Help me in reduction of the burden of the output?
  8. Provide advanced security for my information and network?
  9. Help me reduce overall number of prints?

Prerequisite: Cultural Change

A most challenging thing for any organization is to bring cultural change amongst the people. Without cultural change the organization will not be able to bring in new concept and make cost effective changes. For this it becomes important to involve each and every individual of the company in the process of change by explaining them the concept of carbon footprint. As the employees will feel connected with the concept they will feel responsible to change their present thoughts and behaviors. Its very important to educate the employees on the matters like energy usage, paper usage, saving toners and savings on cost and time.

Also the employees will themselves start evaluating number of devices they actually need, Challenge those for whom print output is not a priority. And challenge the vendor with which you do business today. Ask the probing questions to ensure you are on the optimal path to savings. Is there a need to change the present vendor (vendor evaluation) and such thinking and actions will ensure the company is on the path of the potential savings.


There are three types of costs involved in the device consolidation which are consumption of electricity, operating and maintenance cost and reduction of manpower with displacement of single printers. As a matter of fact, lesser the number of devices, higher is the up-time of the machine which ultimately reduces the cost. It becomes very important to collect the real time data of the usage and consumption of the resources which will help to reduce the chances of over or under-utilization of the machine leading to Machine Optimization.