How Many Printers Per User Do You Need In Your Office?

This is a very common question with senior IT heads of small,medium to large enterprises. The reason for this is simply that this question adheres to what many business gurus consider to be the holy grail of management – resource allocation.

How many printers you have in your office will have an impact on a […]

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Handy tips to choose the Right Mono MFP for your printing requirements:

Printers with features like copy functions, prints and scan are called Multifunction Printers also known as Multifunction Devices as referred by OEMS.

Many of us have an idea of the benefits of MFP that is Multi Function Printers (MFP) and also have a plan to switch over to MFP from regular printers. But the question […]

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Managed Print Services Versus Cost Per Copy: There Is a Difference

Cost per Page:

Most larger operation companies do maintenance agreement with their vendors who provide printing services to them. The concept of Cost Per Page (CPC) is a part of this maintenance agreement. It says that the company will have to pay only for the pages they use and the vendors will take care of […]

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Colour Laser Jet Printer v/s Inkjet Printer

If you’re in the market for a new printer, you may be wondering whether you should get a color laser printer or an inkjet. The truth is, that depends on what your needs and expectations are. Each has prose and cons, and you will need to decide what the key factors are for you.

Benefits […]

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